Just when you thought that a game couldn't get better, Quick Turtle Co. brings us an App game we can never unsee. Workemon is a parody idle game that mimics the slogan of "collect them all" in the darkest sense of fun. Caution: dark humor is a must.

Starting the game, you're made to choose your gender and name. You are the son of a multibillion conglomerate Entrepreneur whose last wife birthed you in this rich world of luxury and half siblings. It's quite possible that he's cheating on your mom, but an increase on your credit card and allowance will help you forget that.

Jumping into your new office, you're given one Secretary. She helps you manage the company until you choose your first slave -- I mean, Employee. Workemons are Employees. You pay them at the end of the month...or not, it's really your choice. In order to catch them, you have to kill their spirit by scrutinizing their resume, and then throw contracts at them to sign. To level up, you'll need to earn business experience through the hard work of your Workemons. The higher your level upgrades, the scarier the contracts and your methods of scrutiny becomes.

The goal is to make all the lights in your company building stay lit forever, and in order to do that, you'll have to do some of the most heinous things you swear your Boss may have done, if not considered doing, in your actual job. And yes, Zombies are involved.

If you have a conscience, please don't even think of downloading this free App. But if you've been torn apart by a Client, underpaid for overtime by your Boss, or lost money over a Gig, then this is the game for you. Some players have said that it's helped them cope with their conspiracies of the evil corporation that is their daily grind, but you didn't hear that from us. Oh no. You're about to live it in Workemon!