Have you just moved to Los Angeles or Hollywood, for a chance to live the dream of being the next movie star? Are you looking for a break, but you don't know where to start? Chances are, you aren't alone. Here are seven stereotypes of LA Actors:

  1. Cute and Country

    Everyone remembers Elvis, Betty Page, and all those beautiful country bumpkins that turned from cute to legendary phenomena...sometimes almost overnight. Many more have come, and are still coming. Typically, these folks don't intend to stay long, and aren't afraid to travel even further to make it out there. They have a funny accent, gorgeous virgin complexion, but are almost too good to be true with their trust. Almost more than not, they have the worst of luck living in LA, ranging from parking tickets to relationships, yet they manage to get back on their feet, and quite possibly find themselves working with either Disney or in the next Indie film.

  2. The Waiters

    These people have a deadline - four to six years, tops! If they don't make it by then, they're done. They live for the dream, but won't be scared to admit when enough is enough. They doubt themselves the most, but seem to find themselves in the next play in NoHo, Theatre Festivals, and maybe working on another album with their next band, partner, or solo at Pigs and Whistles. They may try to change their occupation, and be an Insurance Agent, a Production Assistant, or even start their own Theatre Troupe, but if things don't start looking up, then the deadline stays. They're the Actors that howl best in this city of broken dreams.

  3. The Rich Kid

    Usually have their lifestyle paid for by their grandmothers or uncles. These Actors and Actresses live on luxury alone. Need make up? Go to buy MAC cosmetics. Need to prepare for that audition? Pay for a workshop at the Debbie Reynolds Studio. Not happy with the liquor at the after party? Bring the best Hungarian Champagne in your collection! Nothing is off limits for these talents, maybe being charitable, but that's not the point! They are here to stay, and be the star they're meant to be...no matter how much their Condo may cost!

  4. The Studio Kid

    Related to Disney, Spielberg, Michael Jackson? Then you're practically set! Or are you? Sometimes, being a distant cousin just doesn't do it. It may run in you veins, but sometimes...sometimes, your acting might not be so agreeable. Sometimes, you think too highly of yourself. And maybe people might not like you for it. There are occasions when you did make it, and people hate you for being such a good girl. You just aren't relatable. You grew up with the Stars for so long that you have no idea how the rest of us in the movie theatre seats feel. For one reason or another, you aren't liked. And sometimes, that's fine. The media will sigh, but it's not your fault. Your upbringing just gave you the life we only dreamt of.

  5. The One That Got Away

    Many times, as an Actor, you'll meet an Agent, a Producer, or even a Tech guy that has more charisma than any Thespian in Broadway. And you'll ask them, "why aren't you an Actor?" They'll give you excuses that may sound unreasonable, like "I like this job better", or "I couldn't cut it", and maybe they'll say something as hysterical as "I didn't like it" - sometimes it's glossed with a nonchalant demeanor, other times, it's scoffed with distain, but no matter how they paint it with that million dollar smile, perfect clown gesture, and gorgeous voice, they will never return to acting...unless it's for an emergency. By then, you pray they return for one more gig, because that was amazing!

  6. The Comedian

    You know you're funny, but no one's laughing. Your story is the saddest thing people have ever heard, but you joking about it makes it so much better. Sure, you'll make all the connections, and quick, but will you make it to the Apollo someday? Your friends love you, and you swear you wouldn't be where you are without them, but for how long are you gonna keep doing stand up comedy at the bars? It feels like forever, and no one's given you a break! Can it stop already? Oh wait, Flappers just called. Maybe you'll meet an agent this time?

  7. The Real Deal

    You're famous. You get money without trying. You're about to get nominated for an Oscar. So why aren't you happy? Why are you so lonely? You were one, if not all of the above, but now your social life is a mess. You don't have time to call friends and family, because this next role is so important. How come this girl isn't going bonkers when she sees you? Why are your fans so crazy? The Press are mean, and for some reason your friends aren't asking you to play a single role in their indie show... Don't people realize how human you really are? Vulnerability is too much, you're worried of not being liked, and it's sad that the only way you can ever show your tears is in front of the camera.