There have been many games that have tried their hand at bringing naughty photos, pervy modes, and straight up porn on screen. But none have been so sneaky, in US game apps, as Girls X Battle. Yes, there have been adult games in the past that have sold us ecchi and hentai, for both guys and girls, but at least they were inaccessible to children. Now, with the magic of smart phones, kids are able to access online games, phone apps, and emulators that can lose restriction protocols by merely a tap on the screen. Either we've lost standards as a society, or Parents aren't paying attention.

Girls X Battle is advertised as a fun fighting game with multiplayer game play as cute girls with cannons, swords, and an ensemble of weapons and magic at their dispense. As cool as this is, the other games you can play in this app with your collected Girls gets a little too intimate with your choices in gameplay. Choices like "kiss", "touch breast", or "lights on" make for an interesting time for all the gamers out there. And depending on the gamer's search history, the advertisement gets kinkier by the page.
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It is highly recommended that parents check what games are in their kids' phone now, as this game does progress in options. Options that will become tasteless and too lewd for prying eyes, especially for your typical teenage otaku.