Happy Mall Story: The Killer Of Wallets

This is not your average idle game. This is worse. From the moment you install Happy Mall Story, you are pepped into enjoying a relaxing, fun, interactive app game that will help build amazing commercial Giants within your very own mall. Sure, the cute characters will have you say, "oh, how cute!" every few minutes, and maybe you won't mind waiting to have your coins refill, and possibly keeping the app on all day long, just to have that next floor, or upgrade that next store or market. But then, soon, you'll realize that all you really needed was money. Money to upgrade, money to build, and money to kill time. And there, the game is done!

But what if you don't want to pay for coins? You'd be stuck waiting idly by until you've collected enough money from the customers, to afford just one of the many features you start lusting over. It doesn't help that you can see how other players are spending their coins... The envy gets real when you realize that some of the other plays have only been playing for weeks, in comparison to your monthly perseverance. If there is a game truly being played here, it's you. Soon, resisting to spend your credit card is the only challenge you'll be enjoying...

If you're bored, sure, savor the torture. But if you have a creative mind, do yourself a favor and ignore or delete the game. Hall Mall Story is a waste of time.

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