After years of renditions of Spiderman, from horrendous to "eh, close enough", Tom Hardy brings a performance we couldn't have ever imagined. The web crawler has never looked so good, and that's not just because of the suit - but did it look so good. From the story plot, the characters, and split second stints of the most beloved Spiderman gags (ie web shooter fails, wise guy tropes, etc.),  Spiderman Homecoming brought us the movie we've all been waiting for: a proper Spiderman movie!

Forget Mary Jane, forget Uncle Ben dying, and don't even mention "With great power, comes great responsibility", because not even Flash looks that intimidating. This Spiderman brings us an update this new generation completely connects with. Don't just mention the irresponsible college student with the failing relationship, no. Try diving into a convenient lifestyle of cellphones, GPS, and social networks, and still attempting to act like everything's okay. Life is actually good for Peter Parker, in this version. He has an aunt that takes care of him, a highschool where he's involved in multiple clubs and more, and Peter even comes with a best friend! You must be asking, "who are you!?" 

A decade ago, everyone must have asked for a sad, tragedy ridden Peter Parker. Though the trauma was as terrible as Bruce Wayne, for some odd reason, the jokes just kept coming. But the problem was, right when we heard those jokes, no one was laughing. Spiderman was a catastrophe, and fast forward to today, we - the patient audience of the DCU - were ready to forget about the jazz dancing web head. But, no. A miracle happened. And we now have the Spiderman we had always dreamed of. Just leave out the major details, and we can actually enjoy a really good movie - easter eggs, and all. 

So, go catch Spiderman Homecoming, now playing in movie theatres today! You won't regret it.