If you love k-dramas or Bruce Lee, look no further. You're about to be smothered with drama you've never regretted before!

Zap back to the end of 1950's, where the British owned Hong Kong, mod fashion wasn't even a thing, and Bruce Lee was a legend only in the Cha-Cha Competitions. For many, this little dragon was just another kid getting into another fight, but to us, he's already a legend. Although you'll have to get past Season 1 to see even an inch of his film career. He'll be sore and bruised for years... Starting from episode one, you'll realize that this show was made for a Chinese audience. The epic aria and golden-red graphics will show you just that. But please hold your applause, because this is not Goong or a Yuen Biao period piece. It's Bruce Lee. As in, you kinda had to be there to stay loyal marathoning this show. As in, the sappy drama we all want from a soap opera won't be able to gloss over the testosterone this show has to offer. As in, you've seen better.

It may seem like a good idea to try this show out on Netflix today, but sadly, you'd be better off waiting for Birth of the Dragon on DVD, if you're all about Bruce Lee, or just return your favorite k-drama reruns on cable. It's not Netflix's fault, but seriously, they've had better curations in their search bar.