Trouble is the spell you'll learn best in The Magicians. The disturbing side effect of magic and it's lifestyle never looked so hot, in this SyFy television series of pan sexual, supernatural addicted, mental case. Be careful, once you start one episode, you'll do almost anything for more. Anything.

The story begins with Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph), leaving a mental institution, and meeting with his friend Julia Wicker (Stella Maeve), whose about to leave - talking about good times, and her bright future in college, boyfriend, etc. Quentin seems to have a dismal life, in comparison, until both she and he find themselves stumbling into Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy. Things turn around when Quentin is accepted and Julia is rejected. Suddenly, Julia becomes the mental case, trying to remember how to return to Brakebills University, and not sound crazy for knowing magic is real.

Unlike the happy discovery of a fantastical world we all remember Harry Potter for, The Magicians give us an emotionally driven, cursed world - filled with angst, rebellion, and pain that feels all too real to our generation. There's magical drugs, magical sex, and even magical gang violence and crime - it's like magic was just a tool, not a better lifestyle. But oddly enough, that's what makes this show so good.

Unlike the scary witch of the west, or The Craft, these Magicians fight for resolve. And though half the fun is in the spells, the drama that unfolds between world jumping, murder mysteries, and class sends you to falling in love with every character in this show. One could say that Brakebills was college Paradise...until, of course, Fillory - the actual magical world that everyone obsesses about.

Share the magic with The Magicians! This is a fantastic show, filled with amazing performances by a gorgeous cast - placing you in a world you could only wish for. Catch it on Netflix, while it's available, or Amazon and more.