Bask in the glory of King Louis XIV, the Sun King, whose reign and rule knew no bounds. Each episode is writhed with sex, murder, and conspiracies. Every moment catches you off guard, as the plot develops into greater disaster, leaving you breathless for more. Hold your breaches, especially if you are a historian, for the action doesn't stop at Season 1. And yes, it is that hot!

The story begins with a few men being killed, one of them tortured, and the King going completely paranoid. The next scene throws you into heated heaving sex, introducing you to court life, and the brilliant plans to control everyone in France through war, reconstruction, and fashion. All for the sake of intelligence. When knowledge is absolute, no one is safe, even your family.

Catch Versailles on Netflix, while it lasts. The costumes, set, and talents are too gorgeous to miss. You owe yourself this treat, and live the life of Royalty in on epic drama.