Just when you thought you've seen every perspective in war movies, something new comes along. Glen McMahon (Brad Pitt), a four-star general, leads NATO forces into Afghanistan, in the funny soft drama: War Machine. This is not for the closed minded.

During President Obama's first term in office, everyone was afraid. Afraid of 9-11, afraid of Terrorists, afraid of war. People fought, people protested, and NATO was suppose to be there for the rescue. The problem is, who really needed the rescue?  In procuring a small government, and managing insurgents, Glen McMahon struts into play, as the next General in command, to survey Afghanistan, and bring peace to the Middle East. McMahon is an prideful, self-made, and runs with his crew of loyal PR soldiers - ready for battle and the Press. Things turn for the worse when this amazing hero becomes the biggest problem in series of persuasive speeches are greeted with confusion and reminders of redundancy by the people, for the people, and from the people of the Middle East.

"That sounds like the old plan."

The punches keep rolling, as the perception of Soldiers with no battle to fight in war crush you inside - bitter sweet, yet satisfying. Brad Pitt's performance will have you question it all over again - for those that did live through the tragedy of 9-11 - the politics, the policies, the war, as they were. It was glorious, with a hint of salt. It made you feel more than you asked for, and left you enough to wish the story never ended.

War Machine is a brilliant piece. If you're looking for hype, then please walk away. This will lead you to laugh for all the wrong reasons, and have you captivated with sympathy.