Defining an entire generation is difficult, but if you're patient, and keep an open eye, something miraculous will come. And many times, thinking too hard can be a bad thing...But not here! Kung Fury is an overkill of everything B rated we all witnessed in the film industry that can't be forgotten. So bad, we've made it our anthem to have a Dinosaur riding Viking, a Kung Fu Anime Cop, and Hitler a sensational parody for our love of action videogames, action films, and the action genre, in general, blowing our minds in glorious 32bit graphics.

Testosterone is what this movie celebrates, so unless you like Die Hard, Mortal Kombat, Dungeons and Dragons, or anything in between - which, sadly, there isn't much on the spectrum, but relatively the same explosive, guts and gore, senseless violence you can't help but laugh at in 32bit graphics - then you may have to brace yourself for the hardcore action of this action of Action films!