Have you ever thought that perhaps your tea addiction and anglophile nature never mixed properly with your affinity for underground concerts and rap music? Well, Professor Elemental didn't think so. His lyrics of historical Victorian society and Science Fiction has made him a worldwide sensation with the Steampunk community - bringing geeks and hip hop artists under one phenomenal parody show that will have you screaming for more milk in your cup of brown! Chap Hop is what it's called, and it's where its at.

For one special night, Professor Elemental is coming to Los Angeles, California for an underground Chap Hop concert - presented by Azure Lorica! Its premiere will be hosted at the Eastside Arts, located at Highland Park, on May 12, Tuesday evening. Attendees must be ages 21 or above, and doors open by 9pm. Geek out, as we dance the night away to the Chap Hop Prince's stunning performance, and brilliant lyrics into the fiction we all wished we could be. Buy your tickets now, as seats are limited!

Professor Elemental Soiree | March 12 | 9pm-12am
Eastside Arts | 5917 N Figueroa St.| Los Angeles, CA 90042

As for those new to the scene, be forewarned, our Staff will curtsy to anyone dressed in Steampunk fashion. Steampunk is a subculture of geek, where people dress in Victorian Science Fiction outfits, such as, Time Travelers, Automatons, and Mad Scientists - typically with a mechanical item or monocle on themselves. Think of films, like, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or Bram Stoker's Dracula. For further research, we encourage you to watch Professor Elemental's song, Don't Feed The Trolls: