At the Professor Elemental Soiree, a gorgeous dandy took the stage with a rooster's crow, and a boyish humor so cute the crowd bolstered with glee. The man was Danger, the lead singer of his invisible band -- alas to say, was completely absent, literally -- Countless Thousands! With a Nerd Core theme, the singer, guitarist, songwriter, and, quite seriously, the band himself, Danger was a pure born Comic. With a flare for what seemed like a Rockabilly presentation, before a sporting steampunk audience, Countless Thousands has hit us right in the gut, in both comedy and in awe. The brazen talent was unexpectedly brilliant, and his good manners made him a favorite of the night.

People couldn't get enough of him. Even the Fire Fighters came for him. For the Soiree, actually. To shut his awesomeness down like the swooning devil he was! Oh, Hell made its way to the Fire Department's slumbering ears, and gave them a wicked awakening they never forgot. Danger sang his ballads to the hearts of middle-aged geeks, romanced the unbeknownst friends of the Bouncer (whoso happened to attend out of sheer kindness of friendship), and Professor Elemental's fans - only to learn of this amazing performer merely three days before the show. I mean, good for them. It was a nice show. And he was such a nice guy. He got a drink and had the manners to say "pardon me" for spilling on stage, but, you know, we didn't mind because HE ROCKED LIKE HELL!

All thanks to Professor Elemental for inviting this fantastic artist to the stage, Danger, the lead singer  in the absent band of Countless Thousands, blasted at the Soiree with the grace of a gazelle, rocking like a legend, with the audacity to humbly mention, "When your hero asks you to perform with him, you do not say no." How can you not love this guy!? He's like the free pancake day at IHOP, changing your life with his beautiful looks, and amazing conversation - topped with his music, and demeanor - and with the selection of syrup made available at your table, you'd be craving for much more after this adorkable Brunch of a man, topping your bill with music you cannot help but sing aloud.

He's a great show, and fighting for liberal rights, singing songs about punching Space Nazis in the balls. We urge you support his work, and all that is good in breaking Hitler loving jewels.

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