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We spoke with Adam Purti about his role in Elemental: My Dear Watson. He tells us about his experience as Dr. John Watson and his expedition to becoming an award winning actor.

What was it like to be Dr. John Watson?
It has been a fantastic experience to be, for a few hours, Dr. John Watson! During the shooting I was dressed like this character, the set was exactly like that old times, Dani Corpas (Sherlock Holmes) looked as I had imagined! Everything was perfect to enjoy the shooting playing this awesome and astute character.
What helped you get into character?
What helped me a lot to get into character was first of all, the atmosphere of the location. All seems like the end of the 19th century! I was dressed exactly like Dr. John Watson was, with a hat, walking stick, suspender and pocket watch. Also Sherlock Holmes (played by Dani Corpas) was dressed like him. All of this helps you a lot to get into the skin of the character. At last but not least, what helped me a lot to get into character is to believe you seriously that I was Dr. John Watson and take advantage of every moment of the shooting.
Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes?
I’m a very great fan of Sherlock Holmes. I’ve loved the books, how are all the characters, all of the details about the personality and look of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson as well as the films that have been done. Above all, I loved so much Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law version. I’ve enjoyed as never before seeing that version!
What challenge did you experience throughout the production?
The biggest challenge was the cold temperature. It was worse than the north pole! The whole scene is recorded at night. We were located on the outskirts of Barcelona in winter. You can figure out.. We need an assistant that brings to us blankets while we weren`t shooting.. We started shooting at 9 PM and finished at 5 AM. Often i was shivering while shooting, my voice sometimes failed and my body was frozen.. Luckly I was all the time with Dani Corpas (Sherlock Holmes) next to me and helped me so much to forget that I was frozen. We didn’t stop to laugh, meet and talk while we were doing nothing.
Where did you train to be at your level of acting?
Now I’m studying in an international school called Berty TobĂ­as. We do techique Lecock, a kind of theatre more physical that personally helps me a lot to get into the character! This is my last year in this school. Before it, I’ve done 4 years of theatre in “El Timbal” a very good theatre school. But also, I must say that since I was born I’ve been in theatres around the country, trials, creative process, preparation of scripts because my parents, both, are actors and directors of theatre. In fact, I was in stage in the belly of my mother!!
What advice can you give young actors entering the film industry?
Actually, I’m a young actor entering the film industry, but what I’ve thought about is that you should see as much as you can about every kind of theatre, films, perfomances, art or what else to imbibe a lot every day with new knowledges. Also, I think that is very important try to participate or ask about every kind of shooting in what you can participate in any way. The last, but it’s the most important is trying to ask yourserlf every morning: “I am doing what I would like to do?” “Should I change something to be better?” “Am I disposed to give my 110% in all what I’m doing?” It’s a difficult, sometimes disapointing, too much competitive job, but also Is the most beautiful.