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We ask voice actor, Darrel Guilbeau, a few questions about his nomination for Best Vocal Ensemble, his favorite character, his influences. He appeared at the FanFilm Awards as a guest reader for charity. 

In 2010, you were nominated for Best Vocal Ensemble in the Anime: Durarara!! How has your journey been as a Voice Actor?
Funny you should ask as ‘DuRaRaRa x2’ has once again been nominated by BTVA for Best Vocal Ensemble. Despite any recognition, I think the journey of being a voice actor is not always an easy one! It is a constant of always looking for your next job. However, I love being on this trek. Am very grateful for every opportunity afforded me to work as an actor.

Which is your favorite character you've voiced for?
That is always a difficult question for a voice actor! I personally have a different affinity for each character I’ve voiced. But I will single out Mikado from ‘Durarara. I’ve really enjoyed inhabiting the character of Mikado and going along on his twisted journey in Ikebukuro and as I answer this question I still have 2 last episodes to record. Has also been a thrill to be a part of an ensemble of so many fantastical characters, talented voice actors and directors.

Who were your influences, starting out in your career?
As an actor I was heavily influenced by old black and white classic films. Also gritty performances by such actors as Al Pacino & Robert DeNiro. And of course theater from American playwrights to Shakespeare. I never expected I would end up in the world of voice acting!

You've performed a live reading for the FanFilm Awards. What's it like to perform for charity?
I enjoy being able to use my acting as a means to contribute to worthwhile causes. I’ve also been a part of Read to Kids to encourage literacy in local Los Angeles schools. As well as a staged reading performance to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. As a Voice Actor, what do you recommend people starting out in this industry should expect in their upcoming career? If you really want to do this, you need to expect to be in it for the long haul. It doesn’t happen overnight and there is no guarantee for any actor to have a long term career. Everyone’s path is different. But get as much acting experience and cold reading skills as you can. This will help you to have the confidence you need to get through the difficult times and to be ready when your opportunity does comes. May we ask what other animes you'll be in next? A sneak peek, perhaps? I do have a series now playing in english on HBO Family throughout Asia called ‘Heroes Legend of the Battle Disks’. I play the arrogant Gaeru. Hope it comes to America soon.In the non anime world, I have a role in the film “LBJ” starring Woody Harrelson due out fall of 2016. Hopefully more to come!