At the Professor Elemental Soiree, people swarmed around the bar, purchasing beer, wine, and, of course, cocktails. When sipping the Golden Frog, a special bright glowing concoction by Tea Spectral, the first thing you notice is the tea. The Bar Tenders tipped these bottles with tea leaves swimming in Bourbon and Gin - one could only imagine the logic behind the invention: tea infused cocktails. But even one shot from these amphibious beauties spikes you with a delicious flavor you never thought could improve the alcohol.

People got an Old Fashion, Storm Chasers, and more, and more, and more. The crowds piled in quick, and returned with a bigger smile every time. It got rowdy. The Cops came to shut us down. We did not shut down. The party got rowdier, and audience jammed along with Professor Elemental, like it was 1899!

Everyone kept asking for the recipe, and though nothing was explained, Tea Spectral was happy to sell the main ingredient to the cocktails: Tea Spectral's loose leaf teas.

Visiting their website, you'll find an arcade of mixed leaf teas, titled with whimsical allure, such as, Daydreamer, Nocturnal Notes, and Everglen. Others pay homage to Greek myths, like, Persephone and Phoenix. And, to top it all off, the tea blend that started the steampunk collaboration: Chap Hop.

According to the Stefanie Warner, the owner of Tea Spectral, the collab was an accident. She meant to merely "Get her Geek on" by paying tribute to the two rappers her and her husband enjoyed - Mr. B, The Gentleman Rhymer, and Professor Elemental. Surprisingly, after tweeting the Professor about the tea, the collaboration was requested by the Chap Hop superstar himself, and suddenly, the friendship led to the Soiree - bringing us all back to the world premiere of the tea infused cocktails.

Sadly, no recipes have been published of these fantasy mixes, but we nevertheless wish to thank Tea Spectral for the memories. To learn more about their loose leaf teas, you can visit them at