Theatre Kids are a growing number within the social media circle, and we couldn't resist collecting one of the funny ones for this great interview. Meet Anna Dawahare, thespian lifer and the cutest nerd you wish you met: 

What made you decide to become an Actor?

It wasn't a decision in the traditional sense- I grew up in a very arts centered household. I started in choir first off, and it kind of grew to acting from there! When it came time to really focus on a career objective, I got very little pushback as I got deeper in the arts. Again, very artistic household- my dad was a musician for a very long time, my mom (though not a creative) is a staunch supporter of the arts. It honestly would have been more surprising if I went for something "practical!"

And of course, my passion is storytelling. I love being able to become characters I probably (and in some cases, hopefully!) will never be in real life. I love to evoke emotion from other people- the arts is truly a window into someone else's world. I love being that vessel of sorts.

How do you feel about the entertainment industry now, as opposed to before, pertaining to ethnic and sexual diversity?

I've only been acting in the "Real World" for about three years, so I've been tossed in amongst all this change! I think it's been pretty amazing to see, to be honest! My hope is that however, diversity isn't written or created for diversity's sake. I like multifaceted characters who just so happen to fall into a certain identity.

For instance, one of my favorite shows is Crazy Ex Girlfriend- one particular storyline is one of the main characters, a middle aged man with a daughter, coming to terms with his bisexuality. I loved it because there was only an episode or two where THAT was the focus, but for the most part he was his usual, goofy character. He didn't become the bi poster child (or dad) or preachy or anything of the sort.  He was a fun character with his own strengths and flaws who just so happened to be bisexual.

THAT's what I want to see- diverse characters who are, you know, actual people.

Are there upcoming projects you're working on?

I perform and write with my sketch team, Picture Day, once a month at Second City. We are a very funny bunch, but don't take my word for it!

Also, though this has nothing to do with acting, I recently was accepted into We The Internet's writing residency. They are a political satire YouTube channel so I am going to spend a week doing a lot of writing and honing my skills as a funny lady/bitch with opinions! I am very excited!

What advice would you give aspiring Actors that hope to be in your shoes someday?

Balls to the walls. 
But for real, know that what you are getting into is amazing and fulfilling, but know that it's a lot of work and time. I've seen a quote floating around saying this business is a marathon- not a sprint. Some people (some very lucky people), "make it" within a year. Most do not- if you go into it knowing it's going to take a lot of time and love, you'll be okay.

Also, to give some Disney Channel Original Movie advice- don't try to fit a mold. Go in as yourself in interviews, auditions, publicity, et cetera. Don't be who you think as a (insert descriptor here) person. People crave authenticity- don't give them any less.

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