Diving into the world of acting, Roni Allyn gives us a brief reminder of what it's like in an industry that has still so much ground to break, to accept actresses of all walks of life. Her contribution to our script readings has been a testament of how raw talent is easily ignored just because one refuses to be the submissive stereotype the entertainment business demands women to be.

What made you decide to become an Actor?

I regularly watched a variety show called “Miss Lil’s Talent show when I was five years old in my apartment complex. I decided from that point on, I wanted to make people laugh. Prior to that, I had stolen the mic from the band at my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah to sing “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”. I was 3.

How do you feel about the entertainment industry now, as opposed to before, pertaining to ethnic and sexual diversity?

The industry has come a long way but still has a lot of work to do to create more jobs, leadership positions, and equal pay for women of color, LGBTQ folks and other marginalized artists. As a femme lesbian, I still feel stereotyped, and have not once seen a casting breakdown for a queer woman that looks like me and isn’t either cheating on her boyfriend with another woman, having a relationship with a masculine of center woman, and usually one that ends in tragedy.

Are there upcoming projects you're working on? 

I am working on a semi-autobiographical comedy - sci-fi series, collaborating with friends on sketches, and currently writing a story for Busted! True Stories about Living in LA Without Driving, at Stories in Echo Park on June 30th at 5pm!

What advice would you give aspiring Actors that hope to be in your shoes someday?

Work on yourself first. The rest will come!