Our cause is simple: "Social Justice Through Art"

It's a well known fact that the freedom of expression is a privilege we have. Some countries may dull or encourage the practice, but it's something that helps us all with exercising our personal philosophies. And what better way to do so but through FanFiction?

For decades, fans of books, movies, and music have written their own twist to their favorite stories. The story of Medusa was originally about a Goddess' gift to a beautiful girl, to prevent rape from ever happening again, then later turned into a propaganda against feminism with Jason and the Argonauts. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle killed off Sherlock Holmes, and his fans wrote their own stories about it all being a rouse, and continued new adventures under their own pen. The idea of FanFiction didn't really come to reality until literary works were copyrighted, and soon art, and music followed.

Today, people continue to pursue FanFiction without making a dime off the work. It's a love for the characters, their stories, and the philosophy they represent. Azure Lorica has been able to refine that art through the FanFilm Awards - inviting filmmakers, screenwriters, and actors, to showcase stories with the fruition of a finished piece to the public, locally in Los Angeles, CA, and online. It has fans of all ages creating Batman films and Star Wars scripts, and many more, from all over the world, in as many languages as there are FanArt all over the internet!

And while the screenings and panels occur on the day of the Award Ceremony (at the Donald R. Wright Auditorium), Azure Lorica hosts Aware Fest at a separate theater (Studio on 4th), within the same venue (Pasadena Central Library). Aware Fest is a forum, open for discussions and lectures. This is where the debates can get heated! We invite Influencers, local nonprofits, and advocates to present their passion against social injustice, and welcome the public to join them for Q&A and, sometimes, tea.

By participating in the FanFilm Awards, your fanfiction can help us build a community without the fear of expressing themselves. Practice their philosophy through their heroes, their superheroes, and even their villains. Submit today, and be part of something bigger.