It was an honor to get an exclusive interview with independent producer and actress, Denea Rhodes, whose contribution to our cause has helped us bring a voice to scripts and writers from both the US and UK:

What made you decide to become an Actor?

I became an Actor because I wanted to inspire others the way I was growing up. I would watch shows, plays and movies to learn about life, deal with breakups, or how to stand up for myself. Times when I my mood was down and I needed to laugh, there was always a show there to help me. I want to entertain people to give them an outlet and a different perspective. Growing up in theater and musical theater continued to feed this for me. The audiences reaction in real time, the energy from the stage, and the audience became a living breathing thing. Art imitates life and I want to be apart of that experience as so many were for me.

How do you feel about the entertainment industry now, as opposed to before, pertaining to ethnic and sexual diversity?

I believe were are moving into an era in which people are being given more opportunities regarding ethnicity and sexual diversity. There were only a handful of shows/movies that I could watch growing up, that had people who looked like me. Now, I am seeing more and more shows created, movies with all ethnic cast, and even the production crews behind the camera with way more diversity. For me its motivating that we are able to show the world we are just as deserving as everyone else for these opportunities, and not only that but trusting that when given these opportunities we can perform above and beyond expectations while creating a following to support the project that has been released.

Are there upcoming projects you're working on? 

I am working on my own project of a series of concept trailers that will be released monthly. The motivation behind this is to present all of these stories and roles I would love to play, and get them out into the world. Why wait for someone to knock on my door, when I can write, put together a production crew, and see it to fruition. This is a passion project of mine because it was birthed with my husband. I am the actors, he is editing, and we are producing together.

What advice would you give aspiring Actors that hope to be in your shoes someday?

Just take the first step. No matter the path you choose in life, there will always be road blocks and setbacks. But the only way you move forward is by taking the first step, and everything else will fall into place. The entertainment business is hard and relentless, but if this is your passion don't give up. Luck equals preparation plus opportunity. Be prepared, and be proactive.