We are proud to honor our volunteer, Katie Lau, for contributing to Azure Lorica, as our first Legendary Sage!

Katie Lau, a recent college graduate, with a Bachelor's in Science in Computer Science, and a Minor in Visual Arts, came to us seeking the position as our Coder. Applying as a volunteer, we expressed to her that our challenge is moving our sites from WordPress to Google. She immediately explained her knowledge in coding, and we gave her access to the sites, to begin the project.

The work wasn't hard for her, but what seemed an arduous task of testing each theme for each site, uploading and re-coding, seemed like a breeze for her. Of course, as most volunteer work we give everyone, much of it was done on her own time, online - with the occasional meetups bimonthly. She finished everything within a month -- setup and multiple revisions -- casually, taking her time. She was punctual with replying to our emails, communication was easy, and the turn around for her work was swift. Needless to say, she impressed us, and we'd like to thank her for all that she's done.
After the websites were completed, our Executive Director requested for Katie to aid us with artwork. Today, we use her illustrations for the ranks of the Azure Lorica Society -- our first ranking system in any of our organization's program, to help volunteers gain experience and connections in the industry of entertainment. 

Her rank is respected by the Board of Azure Lorica, as it represents the final rank of any member prior to being head of one's own Committee. She may continue with us, or pursue otherwise, but in either case, we give her our gratitude, and welcome her as our first Sage.