Give the the gift of self-respect. In a world filled with so much hate, we need safe spaces where people can be themselves. Where a skirt isn't about gender, dis-morphia is a real mental illness, and the color of ones skin does not discriminate you from love. And that's what Azure Lorica is about.

Become a member today, and your support will aid our mission to fruition! You may choose between two of our ranks: Quetzalcoatl and Sien Lung - legendary dragons that brought the storm wherever they flew!

QUETZALCOATL - Mexican Serpent of Hurricanes

For $5 a month, Quetzalcoatls' memberships will provide Azure Lorica its operational essentials: administration, supplies, and rent.

Each month, as a perk, you'll be mentioned in our monthly thank you post. The posts will be shared in all of our social media. As a member, you'll be subscribed to our private posts - exclusively on Patreon, open for discussion and voting on events and more.

SIEN LUNG - Chinese Dragon of Storms

For $15 a month, Sien Lungs' memberships will provide Azure Lorica the means to recruit and manage larger volumes of volunteers for our productions and operation.

Each month, as a perk, you'll receive the same perks of Quetzalcoatl members, your name on our sites' marquee for one month, and a web page dedicated to these members (reserved publicly open while members remain active).

Dedication pages allow Sien Lungs the right to invite one guest to any event - free admission - by merely presenting the active page to a staff member, at the entrance.

We welcome you to visit us on Patreon, to get started, and learn more about how you can get involved.