Dear Azure Lorica,

We've has been building up our society, and with it, order and programs are solidified. For those that have participated with our organization before, you'll have noticed the annual film festivals, and script festivals, hosted at the Pasadena Central Library - the two pinnacle events that begin and end our campaign for social justice. We've setup a new program, thanks to the new mission statement, and Aware Fest has become a promise from us that we, as a nonprofit society, will pursue the community improvement that we aimed to maintain.

It's been a slow start, but the momentum has been gradually moving faster, better - connecting a strong, though humble, group to voice their opinion, their love, and their support. Whether it's mental health, equality, or a forum for expression, Azure Lorica Society is here to record and publish that impact. And to help that voice be heard, we've created a calendar for your annual journey with us:

Aug. 11: Volunteer Orientation
Aug. 17: FanFic Gala
Sep. 2-30: Anime & Culture
Mar. 5: Volunteer Orientation
Mar. 6: FanFilm Awards

Each year, Spring will be our quiet season. We welcome students to contact us for online volunteer opportunities, but for local internships, please join us for our festival events in the events above. We welcome writers, tech, and ushers to build our campaigns with us, and invite speakers and performers to celebrate social justice with our nonprofit. 

We thank you for making this a community effort, and we look forward to working with everyone soon.

Eugene Cordell, Founder