Are you an Artist or a Writer? Do you want your talent to go to a cause you believe in? Are you ready to volunteer? Then, please, look no further. Azure Lorica is a nonprofit that supports your talent at an intelligent level of outreach. Here, we invite organizations, patrons, and people of influence to make a huge difference in our society.

By writing articles, drawing, designing, photographing, and researching, you can make a difference with us.

And most of the time, it's online! Some enjoy running about and being the extrovert they were meant to be. But, what about the introverts? The quiet types? Many a times, organizations have volunteers do menial tasks to participate in small projects. While we, allow you to grow. We are giants that need only a few steps to reach our goal. And what matters most in Azure Lorica is the direction you take with us. So, if you love reading books, watching movies, and expressing yourself before a laptop, then come with us, and we can build your skills with hands on experience that only Executives are allowed to touch. 

Many of the people we're trying to help have mental illnesses, and sometimes the gay community and some cultural communities do not fit well with our audiences needs. Surprisingly, FanFiction has become a comfortable niche to attract the service we provide. By hosting events, and publishing content made for nerds, dorks, and geeks (all agreeing upon the term "Geek" as their universal title), we are able to bring discussion about inequality, mental health awareness, and many prejudices that our society suffer from. 

By volunteering, we can support this cause together, as a society - delivering many voices to the public about misguided problems that have answers available to them online, and locally.

Change people's minds. Let them know that they are allowed to be who they are, and you are someone they can trust. No judgement, no harm, just an open ear, and permission to love themselves.

It sounds ridiculous, yes. And, sadly, that's what everyone believes. It's what keeps us from being publicly gay, publicly women, publicly with mental illnesses, and publicly proud of what we are. Shame and shunning has been a problem, because everyone wants the peace of mind that no one is acting out of the ordinary. They want to believe nothing is wrong, and there's nothing they need to take care of but themselves. And yet, everyday, people are ridiculed for dressing outside of their cis-gender stereotype, rape is justified with discrimination, and even children are being beaten into submission for questioning the Patriarchy. We're pretty sure we're not alone in this. You have permission to be. And we hope you can help us spread the word. 

Azure Lorica Society is a safe space.