With the healthy amount of submission to our first year of FanFic Gala, Azure Lorica has decided to close submission early, and welcome you to join us for the festivities! 


For those that joined us earlier this year, for FanFilm Awards, you'll recognize FanFic Gala as FanFilm Awards part 2. The submissions have been so impressive that we were compelled to, at last, create a second festival. Here we will be inviting all of our Actors, our Submitting Writers, and the public in need of a safe space to be, and enjoy free food, drinks, and a comfortable lounge in the 150 seat theater of the Donald R. Wright Auditorium, the intimate 50 seat studio of the 4th Floor, and the glorious 5 floor-library, with three wings, and a quaint outdoor cafe, next to its very own bookshop. Please come and sit in the restored 1930's theater, with red velvet seats, and a top hat holster under your seat, for your own viewing convenience.


Now, if you've yet attended an Azure Lorica event, we invite you to bring friends. It's like stepping into Hogwarts, when you come to the Pasadena Central Library. The roman-esque columns will greet you, before you enter the front, as mahogany stained wooden walls warms your welcome with shelves and shelves of novels, comics, and manga. It's an unbelievable experience, and to be the public service we are, like the library, Azure Lorica's FanFic Gala is also open to the public - FREE ADMISSION.

And for those that may be returning to another Azure Lorica event, welcome back! We've had a wondrous time reading your scripts, and would like to mention the Nominees of this year's world premiere of FanFic Gala:


Supernatural "Make New Friends"
by Shirley N 

The Nightmare
by Iman Davari 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Blood Brothers
by Paul Watkins 

An Unforeseen Darkness
by Nathan Wenger 

Jem and the Holograms: Showtime, Synergy
by Katie Grotzinger 

Finalists will have their full script read before a live audience, at the FanFic Gala, winners will be taking home their trophies! Trophies are carved by local knife maker, Dean Warner, strong enough for LARPing, as medieval wooden swords. The following are the categories for nominations:
In addition, Judges will be giving our Nominees an annotated copy of their script, and Azure Lorica's support in forwarding their scripts to its society's private network of international filmmakers, from FanFilm Awards.

Please subscribe for more details, and don't forget to visit FanFic Gala via ffg.azurelorica.org