It was a pleasure to work with the beautiful Ayana Taylor, at the FanFic Gala, and we have been humbled to catch her for an exclusive interview - diving into the world of acting, filmmaking, and all around fan of animation: 

1) You participated in the World Premiere of FanFic Gala, as reader. What was your favorite role in the festival, and why?

My favorite role to play was April O'Neal because I could feel her love and determination, not only to reunite the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles after Leonardo was separated from his family in this version, but also her commitment to trying to save children all over the world from malnutrition with her research. She is a very brave, resilient, and intellectual character, and I had the honor of playing her.

2) Accents were everywhere at the FanFic Gala. Do you specialize in any, and how often do you speak in a different accent, as an Actor?

I had an English accent for my character, Karai. I practice my English accent as much as I can to continue fine tuning it. This accent is the only one I am currently working on, and I have a blast performing and practicing it. There are definitely other accents I want to learn, but I am taking it one step at a time.

3) Kids these days want to be voice actors. As practicing Actors, what advice would you give for these aspiring talents?

My advice would be to find the characters that love and interest you the most, and start there. I loved watching Spongebob Squarepants growing up, and I would always try to mimic his voice or Patrick's. I would also recommend taking classes or finding shows you would want to be on and start practicing the characters' voices. Stay committed to what you love, because it's worth all its weight in gold.

4) What's your next project? Where can we find more of your work? 

I actually have a few projects lined up. I will be in a play called North of Providence in mid September at Playhouse West (Sept. 14, 22, 29). I am also filming two films during Labor Day weekend that will be a ton of fun. You can find more of my commercials and short films on my YouTube Channel. Search "Ayana Taylor" and also on my website, I post a ton of the behind the scene photos from the short films I have been a part of on Instagram (@_AyanaTaylor_) and my Facebook business page (Ayana Taylor - Actor/Model) if you want to follow me there as well. I am so grateful to have been a part of this experience, and I can't wait to come to the next one!