It's not everyday one is outgeeked by an enthusiastic thespian, and thanks to her, Jem and the Holograms by Katie Grotzinger had a brilliant narration throughout its read. It's our pleasure to introduce Krista Kangas - actress, nerd, and the voice with an attitude, in our script festival: FanFic Gala. Her roles in the live reading of Jem and the Holograms by Katie Grotzinger - a returning Winner of Azure Lorica's FanFilm Awards 2019 - made for an entertaining Saturday cartoon line up.  Thanks to her participation in Azure Lorica's event, we were able to catch Krista for an exclusive interview:

1) You participated in the World Premiere of FanFic Gala, as reader. What was your favorite role in the festival, and why?

I liked that I could play so many different characters and hear live Fanfiction from my favorite series!

2) Accents were everywhere at the FanFic Gala. Do you specialize in any, and how often do you speak in a different accent, as an Actor?

I have an assortment of accents I do. Irish is my best followed by a few British dialects, southern, Russian, and Spanish.

3) Kids these days want to be voice actors. As practicing Actors, what advice would you give for these aspiring talents?

Being  voice actor is difficult. You need lots of training, then money for reels, then an agent that decides to take you on or pay a yearly subscription to use a site that has casting calls. All of which costs money and time. So know you really want to do it. Similarly with acting, you spend years training, often starting in unpaid jobs, and gaining experience and footage for your reels (you also pay for) and IMDB credit, often paying a casting site before you get an agent. However, agents still want you to have accounts with LA Casting and Actors Access.

4) What's your next project? Where can we find more of your work?

I am in the Post Production phase of a short film I have that is promoting adopting dogs from dog shelters. For updates follow me on Instagram at: @kristaninja.