Shannon Spangler - actress, producer, and a fabulous voice to ever step the stage, in our script festival: FanFic Gala. Her roles in the live reading of Jem and the Holograms by Katie Grotzinger - a returning Winner of Azure Lorica's FanFilm Awards 2019 - built an electrifying performance that we couldn't help but beg for more.  Thanks to her participation in Azure Lorica's event, we were able to catch Shannon for an exclusive interview:

1) You participated in the World Premiere of FanFic Gala, as reader. What was your favorite role in the festival, and why?

I lucked out, because my favorite role was mine! Pizzazz in Jem and the Holograms was SO much fun to play -- getting to live the life of a rockstar, totally without inhibitions was an incredible experience!

2) Accents were everywhere at the FanFic Gala. Do you specialize in any, and how often do you speak in a different accent, as an Actor?

My favorite accent is a posh British/London accent, which I learned at a very early age by imitating Emma Watson's performance in Harry Potter. I can also do pretty much any regional Southern accent (being from the South and all), and I love playing around with an Irish accent, as well!

3) Kids these days want to be voice actors. As practicing Actors, what advice would you give for these aspiring talents?

Keep playing! Flexibility with the voice is a matter of practice, and playing around with imitations and scripts is a great way to have fun and practice!

4) What's your next project? Where can we find more of your work?

I am also a producer, and have two short films in post-production! One is an ultra-short horror short in which I get possessed by a demon, and the other is a post-apocalyptic drama in which I find (and save!) the last man alive. You can find out more about me by visiting my website:, or follwing my insta: @Spanglerbird!