We have been humbled by the return of Stuart Mast in Azure Lorica's festivals. In FanFic Gala, Stuart gave us the opportunity of interviewing him for yet another production. His humility continues with the truth sung in words we all share in LA's entertainment industry:

1) You participated in the World Premiere of FanFic Gala, as reader. What was your favorite role in the festival, and why?

My favorite role was both of them to be honest. I was able to have two different experiences by playing these two roles. I read for Dean in Supernatural and was able to enjoy his wit, sarcasm and his quirks he uses to compensate for a lack of confidence. In reading for Count Dooku I was able to delve into his power, arrogance and a bit of darkness. It was nice to have a polarity between the two characters that I read for.

2) Accents were everywhere at the FanFic Gala. Do you specialize in any, and how often do you speak in a different accent, as an Actor?

I specialize in Scottish and German. I have used them on stage and in small voice over work. I don’t use them too often professionally but I always have them ready if I need.

3) Kids these days want to be voice actors. As practicing Actors, what advice would you give for these aspiring talents?

It’s simple, but never give up! Always believe in yourself as well. Success is a marathon not a sprint… and the biggest thing for me is always remind yourself what you want and why you want it. Don’t try to live up to someone else’s expectations.

4) What's your next project? Where can we find more of your work?  

My next project is a pilot that will go into the film circuit so I am very excited about that. One of my earlier films, EDIT just went in the Universal Film Festival. If you want to find more of my work or contact me, you can check out my website at https://elmwittig.wixsite.com/stuartmast