Azure Lorica is back with FanFilm Awards this 2020! Annually, we return to Pasadena, California, for a festivity of FanFilms, Fan Panels, and our long awaited Award Ceremony. This year, we're celebrating Azure Lorica's 10th Anniversary. And you're all invited to the free screenings at the Pasadena Central Library, and celebrate a whole day of Antibully Advocacy, FanFilms, and meeting the Founders this February 28, 2020.


Doors open at the Pasadena Central Library by 9am, and both theaters will be open to the public by 10am. See program schedule:

The FanFilm Awards has a great array of films, coming from all over the world - heralding fandoms from the famous Batman and Star Wars franchise, to the occult One Punch Man and Afro Samurai. Screenings are free, and will be showcasing between both Donald R. Wright Auditorium and Studio on 4th theaters, within the Pasadena Central Library. Ask the front desk for directions. 

We will have Fan Panels available at the 4th floor. We will be gaming events and antibully panels. Please see schedule for more info:

This year, Azure Lorica's premiering on, and streaming fanfilms by January 1st, 2020. We welcome you to subscribe, as we begin our Semifinals voting season. The Nominees with the most votes will be placed as a Finalist, in their most popular category voted upon, and will reach the Q&A panel, at the Award Ceremony for a chance to win FanFilm Awards 2020.

The Award Ceremony will be held at Dupar's Restaurant and Bakery, where we will be hosting the Q&A, Dinner, and Awarding. Tickets are $50 per seat, exclusively for the Nominees of FanFilm Awards 2020. Register Now at:

Winners will receive their trophy, and one year's worth of marketing support from Azure Lorica, Antibully Society.


Azure Lorica is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that operates solely on volunteers and sponsors: 
  • To volunteer, apply at our page, and await for a reply and announcements for event updates. As a volunteer, you'll 
  • If you'd like to Sponsor our event with photography services or give aways and food, Azure Lorica in turn will help by promoting your company's brand throughout our social media and website. To begin, merely email us: info @
FanFilm Awards is an international film festival and ceremony, hosted at Pasadena, California. We present films at the Pasadena Central Library theaters, and online:
  • As nominated filmmakers, we require you email us a link to a downloadable version of your film to info @, so we may upload your film for our online film festival on
  • As a nominated film, we encourage you to bring a poster to the event, for us to hang at the screening rooms.
  • As an attendee, we welcome you to join us at the 4th floor for live panels, screenings, and photo sessions. And to join us for more fanfilms at the 150 seat Donald R. Wright Auditorium. 
    • ADMISSION IS FREE for all screenings of fanfilms.
    • $50 ADMISSION FEE to attend awards ceremony - with complimentary dinner, during Q&A session. 



Pasadena Central Library | Donald R. Wright Auditorium & Studio on 4th
285 E Walnut Ave., Pasadena, CA 91042 | Feb. 28, 2020 | Friday 10am-6pm