Thomas Bernecker Director
Florian Müßener Writer
Thomas Bernecker Producer
Florian Müßener Producer
Puyan Ataherian Producer
Amy Nickell Key Cast“Tracer” Good Morning Britain
Thomas Geerlings Key Cast“Soldier76”
Vittorio Pirbazari Key Cast“Reinhardt” Dogs of Berlin (Netflix)
Felicitas Franz Key Cast“Brigitte” Triff Friedrich Schiller (KIKA)
ShiSha Rainbow Key Cast“Widowmaker”
Michael Tschida Key Cast“Reaper”
Calssara Key Cast“D.Va”
Chiaro Cosplay Key Cast“Sombra”
Liechee Cosplay Key Cast“Mercy”
Hartigan Cosplay Key Cast“Jack Morrison”

FanFilm Awards is Azure Lorica's annual award ceremony for fanfiction. Nominees will have their script and film showcased at the FanFic Gala, and Winners go home with a trophy and one year's worth of marketing service from Azure Lorica.

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