Eugene: Tell us about who you are.

Song Jieying: I'm the director and screenwriter of this short film, Song Jieying. My Chinese name, Song Jieying.

Eugene: Welcome Song, how are you? My name is Eugene, I am the festival director. 

Song Jieying: Right, yes I am from this movie. 

Eugene; It's a pleasure to meet you. 

Song Jieying: Director, nice to meet you too. 

Eugene: How long did it take to finish the film? 

Song Jieying: Four days. 

Eugene: Four days? Wow, what was the most difficult part in making this film? 

Song Jieying: Every movie was as long as the child is photographed, children are the hardest part. They are very difficult to control. They must be constantly demonstrated and guided. 

Eugene: How did you do it? How? What did you do to help the girl, the little children, act? 

Song Jieying: I want to demonstrate over and over again. I'll do it again, they play it again, follow me, and then through thought let them enter the character. Let them understand the character, because they are very young it is very difficult. 

Eugene: Most definite, yes. Acting is very difficult for children, and also their concentration. Well done. Well done, well done, good job.

Song Jieying: Ah, thank you thank you. My English is not good, I have to use software, so I need to wait a few seconds to see what you said. 

Eugene: I understand, thank you. 

Song Jieying: It's three o'clock in the morning in Chinese time, I am very tired, but I'm happy. 

Eugene: Thank you for attending, this is great. 

Song Jieying: Thank you, thank you. 

Eugene: How was the process in writing the script? In writing, how was the process? 

Song Jieying: The process of shooting, it's a lot of fun. Filming with the kids, very happy. It is also very challenging. Communicating with them is like returning to my childhood, so I love acting with kids, filming. 

Eugene: Wonderful, we saw a difference in locations, how was it? How was choosing the location? 

Song Jieying: Two locations, there are two filming locations. One is in home in Chinese cities, my home. One is in my hometown, where I grew up as a child. It's almost abandoned there, basically no one lives there. For me and for people my age, of this age, this memory is precious. I hope to record it with a camera. Do you understand?

Eugene: Yes, yes. Thank you for your patience. Anyone you would like to thank for this production? Who would you like to thank in this production? 

Song Jieying: My wife, my wife. The role of mother in it is my wife, my videos are mostly family. My subjects are all family members. All short films, it's all an attempt, test. 

Eugene: Is this, this is not your first film? 

Song Jieying: No, no, this is my third movie. Your playing order is reserved. 

Eugene: You're an amazing director. 

Song Jieying: Thank you, thank you, thank you. It should be noted that shoot, music, post production, director, writer, it's all me. 

Eugene: Well done, very good, very good. 

Song Jieying: Thank you, thank you. 

Eugene: Where can we find more of your films? 

Song Jieying: My movie didn't show, I used to shoot promo advertisement, documentary. I'm an advertising director. I made a total of four short films within two years. These works, it's just an attempt in the quest to have talent in this field. It's a cause, a trial test. 

Eugene: Do you have a website? 

Song Jieying: Yes, I have a website. But it is now being maintained, when it is maintained I'll put the address, send it to you by email. Okay? 

Eugene: Okay. Moving forward we have Rock Sugar, thank you so much Song Jieying.