Welcome to FanFilm Awards 2021! Below is our program for the weekend of February 6 and 7, 2021, in Pacific Standard Time (PTS 8:00 Los Angeles). The event will be completely on zoom, so please click on the [link]s at each titled event, and follow the instructions to join. 

Please mute yourself when attending each event, unless you're meant to speak during the Q&A or Script Reading. Eugene Cordell, our Festival Director, will be administrating each zoom event.

The chatroom will be open throughout each event, in the program, for your convenience.

To screen some of this year's fanfilms, please watch them here: [link]

2/6/21: Q&A Program [link]

10:00am - Opening Ceremony
10:30am - Adam Thede
11:00am - Federica Carlino
11:30am - Richard de Carvalho
12:00pm - Phill Hollins
12:30pm - John-Paul Nickel
01:00pm - Justin Poage
01:30pm - Phil Hawkins

2/6/21: Script Reading [link]

08:00pm - Spiderman: All Falls Down
08:30pm - Arianrhod: A New Beginning
09:30pm - The Bat Dies At Midnight
10:00pm - Arianrhod: A New Beginning

2/7/21: Q&A Program [link]

10:00am - Chris Tomlinson
10:30am - James Martinez
11:00am - Professor Elemental
11:30am   Tea Hour
12:00pm - Anthony Pizarro
12:30pm - Matthew Blackburn
01:00pm - Alejandro Fanzago
01:30pm - Damon Wellner